Rachel K DeLong Gallery welcomes new artist Laurie Warner

Laurie Warner

Wellfleet, Massachusetts

As a professional photographer for more than 30 years specializing in corporate public relations, international yacht racing, tennis and equestrian events, portraits and family gatherings, my imagery has appeared in hundreds of national and international publications and books.  

Since my coloring days as a youth, it was obvious I was keen on visual arts and over fifteen years ago, I took my first painting class.  I have been fortunate to take art workshops with highly respected artists over the years, honing my craft.  Through constant personal study with appreciation of artists classic and living, my passion keeps me reporting to my easel almost every day.  Galleries wherever I have lived, have sold my paintings that are now in many personal collections all across the USA as well as several other countries.  

Not only is plein air painting fun, it has helped me grow artistically as a "contemporary realist with an impressionistic flair".  This is where my artistic pathway began, similar to a photographic moment but with oil tints instead.  I enjoy combining vivid color and design to hopefully capture fleeting moments of beauty whether a seascape, landscape or still life, bringing an honest energy to the canvas.   

Oil Painter Of America Member; Creative Arts Center, Chatham; Member

Laurie Warner oil paintings Wellfleet
Laurie Warner oil paintings Wellfleet Cape Cod
Laurie Warner oil paintings Wellfleet Cape Cod