July's Featured Artist - Erda Handbags

Erda is the Norse goddess who represents the earth and the creative power of women...

For us, it is our Artisan studio in Northern Maine, tucked in the foothills of scenic mountains on the way to Moosehead Lake and Mt Katahdin. It is where the legendary Erda Handbags are created, one at a time with the utmost attention to detail.

There is something magical about using a handmade product. Each one is one of a kind and carefully crafted by one person. This unique signature mix of artistic form and functional design, marks an enduring vision of authentic wearable art. It pays tribute to the individual woman who wears it.

We aren't driven by trend. We design for the way we live our lives. We keep a careful eye on how each design hits the hip or hangs on a shoulder. Perfect pocket placement comes from listening to our customers and what they need in a handbag and always have a place for your cell phone.

Form and function are equally important, art should have a purpose and everything around us should have art.

Our lines are produced entirely in Maine, helping to revitalize our rural communities and tapping into the long tradition of textile and leather work Maine is known for. We stay true to our commitment to each member of our team, helping to balance home, work and family. The result is a product that is unique and cherished by our wonderful customers.

We love Maine for its unspoiled natural resources, our lakes, mountains and the way the ocean crashes to our shores. We incorporate this natural rugged beauty in all of our products. Thank you from all of us at Erda.