May's Featured Artist - Jon Byrer

Jon Byrer, Jackson Maine

Jon Byrer graduated from the Maine College of Art where he received a degree in photography and studied the fine arts.  Jon creates enamel oil paintings, experimental photography, and watercolor illustrations for a children’s book series.  He has been living and working in the mid coast Maine area for the past 15 years.

"My work is my view of the complex beauty in the Maine landscape. From bodies of water to country roads, I strive to capture the movement in each scene. My art is inspired by Maine’s raw natural beauty and the architecture and culture of the mid coast region. This landscape is constantly changing; intermingling light, color, and shadow in an evolution through time. My objective is to convey this sense to my viewer through my painting style and technique. 

I am interested in experimenting with alternative techniques, painting beyond brushes. The technique I apply is pouring layers of enamel paints onto the canvas to create fluidity. These mixing colors are set in place when dry but seem liquid. The dry paint leaves permanent eddies, whirls, and swirling images on the canvas. My artistic vision reimagines familiar scenes and encourages the viewer to reexamine the splendor in the everyday."