October's Featured Artist - Betty Jean Wilcox

Machiasport, Maine

"Its versatility as a medium allows me to use many techniques to express my concepts.  At the same time, it forces me to develop a wide range of skills to achieve the results I’m seeing in my mind.

The raku pottery I make is an exploration of creating a form, developing a design to enhance it, choosing glazes to further the relationship, and using firing techniques to complete bringing the piece to life.  That moment is one of magic and pure joy.  

New to my stoneware pieces is a line of Implied Landscape plates and platters, where overlapping glazes make the designs.  The flow and interaction of the glazes are both challenging and exciting, no piece looking like any other after firing.

I make white stoneware flower arranger sets, and what fun they have become – experimental studies in form, texture and color.  I have a wonderful sense of play constructing them and I enjoy the surprises of each new series. 

We live surrounded by beautiful natural things.  My botanical pieces capture vignettes of them to enjoy year round.  Placing the plants and shells on the clay, then molding it around the rocks, is a very peaceful, almost meditative, sequence. I find a wonderful calm satisfaction in creating these small organic pieces. "