New Work by Ariela Kuh

Rachel K DeLong Gallery welcomes new artist Ariela Kuh. Several pieces from her Sparrow Collection are now on display. 

ANK Ceramics is a line of hand-crafted tableware made by Ariela Kuh in Lincolnville, ME. Each piece is turned on the wheel or hand-built, trimmed, sanded, and fired in an electric kiln. Glazes are mixed in small batches to allow ultimate control and specificity of finish and may vary from batch to batch. All items are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Hand wash for best results.

Ariela Nomi Kuh

I have been drawing, arranging, and making things with my hands for as long as I can remember and working with clay since 2009. I love the tactility of the material and the challenge of the process-- the pace and physical possibilities and parameters of clay, glaze, and oxidation firing.

On a cup

In a handmade cup, there is a stillness- a calm- the inert energy of a thing waiting to be be chosen, filled, consumed, neglected, washed, replaced. It is glanced at, used, accumulated, it decorates a life, sets a table, represent time, desire, worth. A cup also holds the stillness of 'after.' While it is being made-- 'during'-- it is wet, turned, molded, trimmed, fired, poured-- it is in a state of transition, becoming, What remains after is the result, like a photograph, a product, an effect of the cause.